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Driving Memory

I often think of things I should do as I am driving along. These thoughts pop into my head for a bit – and so bug me – and then are forgotten – and so cause an issue when i eventually remember what i should have done when i got back to the office.

Obviously, I cannot make notes in a “Watch Leader Note Book” as I am driving along. So what can i do? Well, my mobile phone has a voice recorder function, so as I am driving along with my bluetooth headset I can record notes as I go.

I then use the file browser functionality of PC sync to copy the .amr files to my “@INBOX” directory and then can later use Mobile Media Converter to convert to mp3 for playing via winamp. (just because i find it easier that way)

When i write it down, it seems a lot of bother – but when i was doing it yesterday it was a good feeling knowing that these were things I now had not forgotten.

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