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Funny Loan Repayments

For some reason, I had a letter from the Student Loan Company telling me they had made it easier to repay my loan. Then a further letter a few days letter with the other half of my login details and a leaflet on security online.

For a laugh, I entered the details i was given on their site, and after accepting some terms and conditions i was granted entry, only to discover

The service you wish to access is unavailable. Please try again at a later date.

Now, currently i am not sure why I would want to pay back my loan. I cannot easily make more than 2% in a savings account, but i am sure i would be better off paying more towards my mortgage in the long term than cutting my remaining student debt.
Speaking of which, it will still be the second half of 2015 before i finish paying off my student loan currently.

I wonder if the government is just trying to get any cash in that it can…..

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