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Auto It

I have been playing with USB keys on and off for the last week now. In part this is to run my GTD tools on a pen drive so i always have them with me (i plan to set up sync with the web….) and then i realised that I would like my data encrypted.

I’m now using Truecrypt to encrypt my data and MoWeS to run the web server. Both can be configured so that when you put the USB stick into the PC they autorun (so much as is allowed by windows) but how about auto running Truecrypt to access the data, and then running MoWeS once my encrypted drive is mounted?

I have now discovered AutoIt in which I have written a script to do the work for me. I now get prompted for a password, then the data is mounted, and MoWeS started. when i stop MoWeS the drive automatically dismounts. The next step would be to get the USB key to eject itself too, but this is enough for me for now…

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