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Gift Lists

Some people may be either more organised than me, or under the impression that I am not organised. For example, I have been asked a number of times where the gift list for my forthcoming wedding is. It has always been planned to be (at least in part) at John Lewis, and back on January 23rd it was registered, the number will be 350102.

You could try to go to the John lewis website to buy something. Emphasis on try as you will see it is not open till 11th April. That’s not me sabotaging anyone’s effort to buy stuff, that’s just the way it works.

However, all is not lost. You could instead contact Lamb’s of Stamford. You could go and visit them in person or you could give them a call and buy over the phone if you wish.

Why? Partly to support a local shop – and also because they stock what we want (and certainly what I want the most), crockery from Denby’s Jet range (the black stuff, not the stripes, dots, or grey), cookware from Le Creuset, and we found some glasses we liked too.

And then when we get back from our honeymoon it can all be delivered….

of course, no one is restricted to the above items, the only thing I would prefer to avoid is vouchers… cash towards our honeymoon would be preferred… but people can do what they like, and what ever they do will be appreciated. After all, I am more bothered about people actually being there on the day!

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