Monthly Archive: December 2009

Where do you fit? 0

Where do you fit?

The following image is provided to clarify the difference between geek, nerd, dweeb and dork. Yes, I would rather you call me “Geek” than any of the other options. (Now I think my wordpress...

WordPress 2.9 (Again) 0

WordPress 2.9 (Again)

earlier I said I have done my almost annual update of wordpress. On this occasion, i backed up, deactivated all plugins and used the auto update. i then tried to reactivate all plugins, this...

Snow Cat 0

Snow Cat

Looking at the BBC Weather site, and outside the window it appears I live in Barnsley (snow forecast) rather than Pontefract (not much snow forecast at all) and to think i cleared the road...

Social Media Stats 0

Social Media Stats

Amusing/Interesting video 0:22 made me laugh, whilst 0:24 was rather close to home…. And, with the content it has, it is of course an advert, in this case for the following book….