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WordPress 2.9 (Again)

earlier I said

I have done my almost annual update of wordpress. On this occasion, i backed up, deactivated all plugins and used the auto update. i then tried to reactivate all plugins, this muked up something behind the scenes, so i disabbled them all by renaming the plugins directory! when i activateded them one by one, and updated a few it all worked.

Oh, and i have learned that i have the “other” ad rotator plugin. but that is fixed now too.

If anyone sees anything that is broken, please do let me know!

and then it all went horribly wrong, so i had to go back to my Database backup from this morning.

“Now Reading” plugin appears to be broken in WordPress 2.9, so I am now using “Now Reading Reloaded”

so i think it all works now. however do let me know if you think other wise!

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