Monthly Archive: January 2010

Firefox, Javascript and IE-Tab 0

Firefox, Javascript and IE-Tab

Recentyl, it appears Javascript has been a bit broken in my Firefox installation. Today I realised that Firefox has been updated to 3.6, so i got the update, knowing that IE-Tab would not be...

Modding Twitter-Digest 0

Modding Twitter-Digest

I have started using Twitter Digest to post a daily update of all my tweets. Unfortunately it had got itself into a bit of a loop, and was posting tweets that were anouncing new...

Tweets for 2010-01-20 0

Tweets for 2010-01-20

New blog post: Tweets for 2010-01-19 15:30:50 Just heard I will be invited to an interview regarding some more Post Nominals. cool. 20:30:36

Tweets for 2010-01-19 1

Tweets for 2010-01-19

Scouting and Students. And I don't think i am too old yet to think about these issues! but I'll be on county camp. 20:48:38 Some 2l Plastic Bottles, some tubing, a length of...

Tweeted Musings 0

Tweeted Musings

I have mostly been posting short comments via Twitter. I thought these would then pull through to my Blog…. but apparently not. And I was trying to ensure there was some more content on...