Monthly Archive: March 2010

Tweets for 2010-03-20 0

Tweets for 2010-03-20

Forest Gump has a lot to be blamed for… 12:41:02 The new series of Bang goes the Theory started last monday. 17:23:46

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Tweets for 2010-03-17

going a long way south today. 05:57:08 In the south. Finally. Coventry was a car park. 13:06:17 I don't see the H&S angle here…. 4th paragraph makes the story funnier… 21:38:42

Tweets for 2010-03-13 0

Tweets for 2010-03-13

I'm sure it shouldn't be that unobvious how to connect to a network printer 07:31:21 The penultimate saturday home alone. So I can still listen to M1Live whilst I work… 09:04:06

Best Companies to Work for 0

Best Companies to Work for

Last wednesday evening, i went to the awards dinner for the 100 Best Small Companies to work for, as one of two people representing Cougar Automation. We came 22nd, which was nice. It was...