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In Case of Emergency

When I finished my A-levels (OK, so its a few years ago…) a group of us went for a week’s holiday together to Wales. We stayed in a rather retro Hoseasons Lodge
Anyway, the point is, for this adventure I was lent my mum’s mobile phone. this phone required a pin to unlock it for use. The phone lived in the glove box of my car so I told my fellow passengers what the PIN was, just in case there was the occasion to need to use the phone, and I was unable to….

Whilst sailing this year, Watch Leader Tony told me of an incident afloat involving a yacht, its owner and a bunch of his friends on a day out. The skipper was hit by the boom of the sail (the pole at the bottom) and knocked over board. His friends could do nothing to assist, they didn’t know how to operate the radio (to call for help) of start the engine (to enable manoeuvring) or to control the boat. The skipper died. The fact that one of the guests was Chris Evans means its a little easier to find news articles to link to like here and here.

The point is, it makes sense to (along with checking the weather… that applies to all outdoor activities) ensure that you consider what might go wrong. Some suggestions for sailors are here but what about other activities? When walking we have a plan of where we are going, and even already some “escape routes” we can use. Something about “Be Prepared”

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