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Is Prince2 the Answer? 2

Is Prince2 the Answer?

I spent last week on a Prince2 course, delivered in Leeds by SkillSolve. That said, the course was not really the learning exercises, it did reinforce the contents of the Prince2 Manual and also...

Tweets for 2011-10-24 0

Tweets for 2011-10-24

New blog post: Is Prince2 the Answer? -> hi @TalkTalkCare why is my connection to and my site hosted with them so slow? Browsing from Work's server is fine. -> So, no...

Tweets for 2011-10-23 0

Tweets for 2011-10-23

hostmonster seems to be very slow from home. Browsing http via proxies is fine though. Wonder what they have against my net connection? -> New blog post: Decorating -> This is getting as...