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Is Prince2 the Answer?

I spent last week on a Prince2 course, delivered in Leeds by SkillSolve.

That said, the course was not really the learning exercises, it did reinforce the contents of the Prince2 Manual and also gave some really good pointers for the exams. The tutor also helped with recommendations on how to best annotate the manual. This is really useful, as the Practitioner exam is open book, the manual is allowed, along with any notes written in it, but not separate sheets, or any notes stuck in it. You can use lots of Tabs though.

Is Prince really useful though? or is it just an excuse to generate huge amounts of paperwork? Actually I think we do 90% of it already, when I stop and think about it. Maybe I don’t document something, and other things are assumed (like using the company quality system on every project), but overall I was left, and still am, rather excited. And one of the good things about where I work is that I can now start putting some of it in to practise.

That makes me excited, which is good, as it sure helps me get out of bed in the morning!

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