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Tweets for 2014-09-11 to 2014-09-17

  • Think it's time these gremlins start watching another DVD – they are behaving more and more like minions. 19:15:24, 2014-09-11
  • Clever little gremlin. I think the main reason he is drinking from this breaker is because it was given to Heidi…. http://t.co/iE8g6HIuGX 19:20:35, 2014-09-11
  • Kids making great progress at being up in time to get Heidi to school. Already up and breakfasts finished. However today is Sunday. Thanks. 08:29:34, 2014-09-14
  • Nice day trip to southern Wales. Now for the drive home…. 15:48:59, 2014-09-15

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