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Tweets for 2015-05-07 to 2015-05-13

  • Oat So Simple good, Tesco equivilent is alright, but the Asda version not so nice. #NotQuiteABTesting 07:58:43, 2015-05-07
  • #IVoted but wish this was not something that social media thinks I should be proud of. Afterall, if everyone did it… 08:01:02, 2015-05-07
  • OOooh a visitor. Squinting into the Sun, the Chugger starts "Hi, How are you?" "Not Interested" "Ok Bye" to be honest he seemed happy to go 19:53:12, 2015-05-07
  • Carpet delivery arrived, now just need a Plumber and Phone Engineer (sic) to visit, both due in about the next 30 mins… busy morning! 07:52:03, 2015-05-08
  • Either Vote, or Vote None. Why be silent? http://t.co/FrgNXNDYCm – oops, only just found this site. Will have to remember it in 5 years time 09:01:21, 2015-05-08
  • Its the sight of hills that means nearly home now, and not the smell of sugar. http://t.co/3hOvnKkJIm 16:54:18, 2015-05-08
  • Missed the fast train by 10 mins but a two hour gap to next so it's off on lots of other trains. Expecting 4 trains and a replacement bus… 15:28:34, 2015-05-10
  • Swapped a train for sort walk. Now waiting for train north. 16:55:09, 2015-05-10
  • Nearly at Preston. And bonus pickup by wife and kids so I don't need to take the bus to Chorley. 18:47:06, 2015-05-10
  • Home a little before nine. Not helped by M6 being closed with traffic sent off and back on at J8 due to someone in the wrong place on bridge 22:03:55, 2015-05-10

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